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In NOVIOS cooks serve desire with a side of sass. Parched en el calor of a gringo’s kitchen, they long for the cool sueño americano; trapped in a haze of machismo, they want to be seen. A queer downpour might just set them free. Gallo—a Chicana lesbian—is the alpha in the kitchen and acts as a mother to this motley crew. Despite this, she also participates in the same machista behavior that often demeans anything other than masculine. Her ambition to be more than just a cook is challenged by her gender and her strong need to protect Luis, the dishwasher and the boy she raised since childhood. Luis struggles with his sexual and cultural identity while striving to get a piece of the “American Dream” in a country that limits what undocumented Americans like him are capable of doing.


[2020] Workshop with Rattlestick Theater, NYC

[2019] Part One produced at the Yale Cabaret at the Yale School of Drama, New Haven, CT

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